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EZ-Vape Canada® is proud to be the industry’s leading direct retailer of the highest quality personal vaporizers and CANADIAN MADE E-juice. With 21 stores located across British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. We strive to bring the best quality products from Boxes to all in one Kits and Accessories along with our wide, diverse variety of only the best E-Juice to our customers province wide.

If you are wondering “What is a Vaporizer?” or “Why Should I Vape?” we highly suggest taking a glance at our Why Vape? and Vape 101 pages.

We are dedicated to informing the public about vaping and all of our Locations are staffed and owned by vapers for vapers. Whether you are new to vaping, are having problems with your setup, or you simply want to ask a question, feel welcome to drop into your Local Ez-Vape®

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With locations across the lower mainland, there’s bound to be an EZ-Vape close to you. How close, you ask?

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What is CBD? / Why Should I Vape It?

We have just started offering Solace CBD E-Liquids which are a fantastic new alternative product for the ingestion of CBD and is not just a vaping E-liquid / E-Juice but a Topic and Oral Tincture! It’s made with All Natural Flavouring and is 100% Naturally...
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What is a Squonk Mod? / What is Squonking?

Squonk Mods, it’s a funny word “Squonk” but it’s the newest trend in vaporizers. For good reason, much like an RDTA in history, people have wondered: ‘How do i get more juice capacity with a big coil setup?’  Well, while an RDTA...
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What is RDA/RBA/RDTA Coil Resetting?

Coil Resetting — There’s lots of techniques to doing it and certain things to keep in mind with some Coil’s Metal Material and what exactly is it? In our last Blog we talked about How To Reduce Coil Degradation and we will be continuing our...
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